Ryan Trevena

Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minnesota     

BS Genetics, Cell Biology, & Development  University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

PhD Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology (Fall 2017 – Present), University of Wisconsin – Madison

Ryan is a PhD candidate in the Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Training Program. He is interested in how early embryonic processes play a role in the generation of the subsequent body blueprintRyan is investigating how early maternal factors drive embryonic development, with a particular interest in reprogramming factors that drive mechanisms regulating cellular generation of tissues for transplantation and animal cloning.

Some of Ryan’s work was featured in an article by GROW magazine: https://grow.cals.wisc.edu/departments/features/the-race-to-the-animal-vault

He also has several years of experience assisting with Dr. Pelegri’s biobanking & biodiversity course, Developmental Genetics for Conservation and Regeneration: https://grow.cals.wisc.edu/departments/features/research-creates-teaching-opportunities

Check out his LinkedIn for more information.