Come learn about our Costa Rica Spring Break from lab manager Sara Faterioun and graduate student Caroline Barry at the UW-Madison 2023 Study Abroad Fair this evening from 3-6 PM!

Congratulations to Pelegri lab graduate student Ryan Trevena who was awarded the 2023 Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Academic Research Excellence Award!

Graduate students Caroline Barry and Ryan Trevena are spending their spring break in Costa Rica leading field work trials ahead of the 2023 Animal Biodiversity study abroad course, developed in partnership with Costa Rica’s Organization for Tropical Studies.  Highlights of the trip include visits to La Selva Biological Station,  Palo Verde National Park, and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Congratulations to Pelegri lab graduate student Caroline Barry for receiving the “Best Oral Presentation” award for her talk “Harnessing the tardigrade transcriptome for the preservation of biological material” at the 2022 Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Research Symposium!

Congratulations to our senior postdoc, Dr. Cara Moravec, who was just awarded a K99 grant from NICHD for her research proposal “Identification of regulators in the vertebrate  egg-to-embryo transition”!!

In addition to our awesome group of UW-Madison undergraduate researchers, we’re also lucky to be hosting two NSF-REU Biological Interactions summer students, Lizette Arroyo and Morgan Banks! They’re each working full-time in the lab on individual research projects focused on conservation genetics/biobanking (Lizette) and maternal-effect genes in early development (Morgan).

Congratulations to our very own Caroline Barry for being selected to participate in the 2022 Morgridge Entrepreneurial Bootcamp! She will join 63 other STEM graduate students in an intensive week of training at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Congrats to newly-minted Genetics PhD grad Christina Hansen! She successfully defended her doctoral thesis, “Structured aggregation of germline determinants in Danionin embryonic development” in June and is now continuing her work in the Pelegri lab as a postdoctoral research associate. Dr. Hansen also received the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy (WISL) Award for Communicating PhD Research to the Public – check it out here!